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Ahead of Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy airing, The Hollywood Reporter published an article about what’s keeping Alex and Jo from getting married. Ellen Pompeo said very nice things about Justin and the Alex and Jo (Jolex) pairing, and Camilla Luddington also chimed in on Jolex. Here’s an excerpt and the full article can be read at the source linked below.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: What’s Keeping Jo and Alex From Getting Married?

For her part, Pompeo hopes Jo and Alex are MFEO and is perhaps the couple’s biggest fan.

“I know that’s not happening right now,” Pompeo told THR of an Alex-Mer pairing during a recent set visit. As for Alex and Jo, the actress warned that there’s (shocker!) drama ahead for the couple. “I’m excited about that because I love those two and I want to see them get some good story and stuff to play,” she said. “Justin to me is an ace of diamonds. I love him so much. He’s so talented. He’s like a young Brando — he has everything and is so amazing. But I don’t know [about a romance with Meredith and Alex]; we’ll see.”

As for Luddington, she still has high hopes for Alex and Jo’s long-term romantic future together — despite two unsuccessful marriage proposals.

“She is crazy about him and in love with him,” Luddington says. “There’s always been a part of her that hopes to re-create what she never had — a safe home life and family — and I do think she dreams about doing that with Alex, but it’s super complicated and there are a lot of things that are preventing that from happening.”


This is basically just a transcript of Camilla Luddington’s Cosmopolitan interview that was posted in this update. Below are the parts where Justin is specifically mentioned.

Grey’s Anatomy Star Camilla Luddington Is Dying for Jo and Alex to Get Married and Have Babies

Is Jo ever going to say “yes” to Alex’s proposal?
I have been approved by ABC to say that “questions will be answered.” Whether it’s the question, who knows, but things will be revealed. Do you know what? When Justin and I rehearsed, because he’s proposed twice now, I always say “yes.” I always screw up the take and I’m like, “Yes!” And they’re like, “No.” ‘Cause he’s just so cute. How can you not say “yes” to Justin Chambers?

I’m just going to say, even though our readers will hate this, I want Meredith and Alex to be together.
[Gasps.] Get out! I mean, obviously I’m Team Jo. I think it’s nice that [Alex and Meredith] have a brother-sister relationship. Because you don’t see many relationships on TV that are just platonic. And Justin and Ellen [Pompeo, who plays Meredith] are like that in real life. They’re like family, so their chemistry works in that way. I feel like it would be incestuous if they got together. I can’t even picture them making out.

What’s Justin Chambers like in real life, because he’s a mystery?
Justin is absolutely hysterical … I don’t think he realizes he’s being funny half the time.

Is he very dad-like? ‘Cause he has, like, five kids.
No. I almost feel like he’s got a Johnny Depp vibe. Super cool. Like, [he] will come to the table read, and he’s in his hat and his cool sunglasses. If I did that, I would probably look douchey, but he can pull it off. He just makes everything look cool.


Justin’s friend, Kelley Sane, uploaded this photo to his Instagram account on Wednesday (May 11) where he’s with Justin and a few other friends at the famous Sheats-Goldstein Residence (Los Angeles) for some tennis.

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