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When it comes to TV and Grey’s Anatomy, the media and many fans (including me!) are grateful for Alex and Meredith’s longtime friendship this Thanksgiving.

nullAlex and Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy
One of the most celebrated TV friendships ever, Alex (Justin Chambers) Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) are the fan fiction dream Tumblr was made for. With more than a decade of ups and downs logged in their books, their friendship has endured all kinds of ordeals — which now includes Meredith stopping Alex from taking a plea deal and, quite possibly, beginning the romance fans have been praying for forever.
Source: TV Guide – 12 TV Friendships We’re Grateful For


Felipe Is Thankful for… GREY’S PALS
“…the Meredith/Alex relationship. I don’t care if Shonda [Rhimes] wants them as a couple or just a brother/sister thing. I love them together.”
Source: What TVLine Readers Are Thankful For (2016)

Here’s a Thanksgiving, Grey’s Anatomy, Alex/Meredith friendship throwback all rolled into one. 🙌

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