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Hollywood Life interviewed Justin at The Rape Foundation’s annual brunch (Oct. 7) and asked him about his future on Grey’s Anatomy, and also what’s coming up for Alex.

While at the event, which honored celebrity guest Jennifer Garner, Justin Chambers talked about his future on the series, saying, “I honestly don’t know [how much longer I’ll do the show]. I play it year by year now. We’ll see — this year is all I am thinking about. We are almost halfway through [filming Season 15].”

If you’ve been watching the current season, then you should know that Justin’s character, Alex Karev, was recently named the new chief of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital — a position he’ll seemingly hold until Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) decides she wants to take her job back. Bailey gave it up so she could focus more on surgery and less on the daily stresses that come from being the chief. Anyway, when Justin spoke about what’s coming up for Alex later this season, he said, “Alex is still chief so….. goofiness happens. We will see where they go with all of this. We are happy that people are still watching!” And watching we are — after 15 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy is still one of ABC’s top-two rated drama series.

The screencaps from the most recent episode titled “Momma Knows Best” have been added to the archive.

By the way, there is no Grey’s this week. The show returns with episode 15.05 titled “Everyday Angel” on Oct. 25th.

Screencaps > 15.04 – Momma Knows Best

Actress Stefania Spampinato, who plays Dr. Carina DeLuca, posted this BTS pic from episode 15.04 with Justin, Jaicy Elliot, Chris Carmack and Giacomo Gianniotti.

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