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Below is a full timeline of Justin Chambers from birth to the present day.

Note. Only Greys Anatomy Season starts and finishes are listed.  Justin has appeared in all episodes to date.


17th May– Greys Anatomy Season 8 finishes as Alex Karev


19th May– Greys Anatomy Season 7 finishes as Alex Karev

22th September– Greys Anatomy Season 8 Starts as Alex Karev


1st April – Appears on Entertainment Tonight

13th May – Appears on Entertainment Tonight

20th May– Greys Anatomy Season 6 finishes as Alex Karev

Appears in The Happiest Man Alive as Sherman

23th September– Greys Anatomy Season 7 Starts as Alex Karev


12th February – Appears in Private Practice as Alex Karev

14th May– Greys Anatomy Season 5 finishes as Alex Karev

Appears in “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: The Almquist Family (#6.21)”

24th September– Greys Anatomy Season 6 Starts as Alex Karev


10th March – Entertainment Tonight

22nd May– Greys Anatomy Season 4 Finishes as Alex Karev

Appears in Lakeview Terrace as Donnie Eaton

25th September– Greys Anatomy Season 5 Starts as Alex Karev


22nd January – Appears on The View

22nd January – Appears on Entertainment Tonight

3rd May – Rachel Ray

17th May– Greys Anatomy Season 3 Finishes as Alex Karev

27th September– Greys Anatomy Season 4 Starts as Alex Karev


17th March – Appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live

10th April – Appears on the Ellen Degeneres Show

15th May– Greys Anatomy Season 2 Finale as Alex Karev

16th May – Appears on The View

21th September– Greys Anatomy Season 3 Starts as Alex Karev

10th October – Appears on the Ellen Degeneres Show

17th November – Appears on the Oprah Winfrey Show


Appears in Southern Belles as Rhett Butler

27th March–  Greys Anatomy Season 1 Pilot as Alex KarevOngoing

22nd May – Greys Anatomy Season 1 Finale as Alex Karev

Appears in The Zodiac as Inspector Matt Parish

25th September– Greys Anatomy Season 2 Starts as Alex Karev

9th Decemeber – Appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Appears in The Secret Service as Charles Brody


Appears in For Which it Stands as a German Soldier

Appears in Cold Case as Chris Lassing – 3 episodes


Jackson is born

Appears in Hysterical Blindness as Rick

Appears in Leo as Ryan Eames


Appears in The Wedding Planner as Massimo

Appears in The Muskateer as D’Artagnan



March – Eva is born

Appears in Love on the Land as Adult Hocking

Appears in Liberty Heights as Trey Tobelseted


Appears in Four Corners as Caleb Haskell


June – twins Maya and Kaila are born

Appears in Rose Hill as Cole Clayborne


Appears in Swift Justice as Rick

Appears in Harvest of Fire as George

Appears in New York Under Cover as Officer Nick Caso


Appears in Another World as Nicholas ‘Nick’ Hudson #1


Appears in music video “Ants Marching” by Dave Matthews Band

December – First Child Isabella is born


Justin Marries Keisha


Early 1990s – studied at H.B. Studios for 4 years, also appeared in several off-Broadway stage productions and a few television roles.


11th July – Justin Chambers is Born