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Im currently uploading some modpacks to the gallery, updates are below;

thumbnails are being currently being resized DONE,

although they look a little funky as i wanted 75×75 squares.  So I’ll sort this out sometime. going to have to be re-done, internet died.  If thumbs look dodgy dont worry actual pics should be fine. 😮 DONE

Will be increasing the quality of the thumbnails, sometime DONE

Sub Categories now have icons, bit stretched though. 🙁

Im thinking of adding a watermarking  mod, which should appear in the bottom right of all intermidiate and large images.  Me and Diana should be able to get origional images.  Does anyone have any major respomses to this.

2 Responses to “Gallery Modpacks”
  1. Diana says:

    Fay, the pics aren’t working in the gallery when you try to enlarge them.

  2. fay says:

    working on it tomorrow, late at night now

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