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There’s an article with a few quotes from Justin about Alex and Izzie but it’s sort of spoilerish so I’m not going to post it here. To read it, click on the following link: TV Guide Canada

I added some new (old) magazine scans to the gallery:

People – May 22, 2006
Men’s Health – March 2007
TV Guide – December 24, 2007

And because YouTube sucks and deleted our account 👿 I uploaded a few of the videos that we had there and added some new ones. The original videos are in great quality but once uploaded here they don’t look all that great. 🙁 Better than nothing I guess.

Oprah: GA Best Kept Secrets – Feb 28, 2006
The View – May 16, 2006
ZMTV (Grey’s Anatomy S3)
ZMTV (Grey’s Anatomy S4)
Prosieben (Grey’s Anatomy S4)

6 Responses to “Magazine Scans + Videos”
  1. fay says:

    i can improve the qaulity, i dont think i have done it here so i will sort that out soon.

  2. Diana says:

    Cool! It’s a shame to not be able to see JC’s hotness in better quality! :p

  3. Zero says:

    hello !

    Yeah, great pics ! but i cannot join theese links. ’cause this message appear :

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ‘)’ in /home/jchamber/public_html/images/lang/french.php on line 703

  4. Diana says:

    The links are working fine for me. It may be a problem with the language because from the error you posted it seems you are reading the site in french. Try the links again but with the site in english:

    If that doesn’t work then I have no idea. 🙁 Fay understands the technical stuff much better than I do, so she’ll likely figure this out.

  5. fay says:

    works for me too, are you actually using the french vesion? how did you get it to be french because i dont have a language change button up in the gallery

    emailing zero, and trying to work it out

  6. Zero says:

    Yeah ! I’m french ! I speak english like a spanish cow ! I’m so sorry !

    Yeah, i use the french version. but as i say to Fay by mail, i try to put google in UK version, and this website too. But, it’s the same message who appears…

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