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First, a bunch of Justin mentions in the media.

With Father’s Day on Sunday, TV Guide Canada put together a list of TV’s hottest real-life dads. Justin is one of them and the list can be seen here –> TV’s Hottest Dads

There are also a few articles from TV critics about the Emmy award nominations where they praise Justin’s work last season but leave him out of their hypothetical Emmy ballot. 😆

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3

I added more videos to the archive:

Oprah- Feb. 28, 2006
The Ellen DeGeneres Show – Apr. 10 2006
The Ellen DeGeneres Show – Oct. 10 2006
Entertainment Tonight – Oct. 9 2006
TV Guide: TV’s Sexiest Doctors
Charity Luncheon Interview – Jan 10, 2008
Private Practice Season 1 DVD

Tonight is the screening of Justin’s short film (‘The Happiest Man Alive’) at the Maui Film Festival and he is scheduled to be there. If we’re lucky (I think we will be) we’ll get some new pics, if we’re really lucky we’ll get some video too. Check back tomorrow. 😉

Oh, and a recent pic of Justin at a store in LA (click on the pic to enlarge):

“justin chambers came to the pop up store. Fox.”

justin chambers came to the pop up store. Fox. on Twitpic

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