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FYI, a shaky camera documentary type of episode is not the best to make screencaps from. 😆 I did my best and they are up at the gallery.

7.06 – These Arms of Mine

There’s a funny bit of behind the scenes info from the writer of the episode, Stacy McKee, at Grey Matter:

By the way, I don’t know about you, but I am now FULLY in love with Alex Karev. I mean, I kinda already was in love with him, but now I really, really am. When he’s singing to Lily in the MRI booth??? I mean, COME ON. (Side Note: Justin actually has a really good voice, so he practiced for weeks before we shot this scene to make himself sound more like a guy who wasn’t really a singer, but who was really trying to sing. Adorable.)

Adorable, indeed. 😉

Next week airs episode 7.07 “That’s Me Trying” and bellow is the promo and a sneak peek featuring Justin (another sneak can be seen at link)


Sneak Peek

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