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EDIT: At the end of this post I added the “Share a Moment” clip that has a few scenes from the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Screencaps from episode “That’s Me Trying” are up at the gallery.

7.07 – That’s Me Trying

Justin gets another mention in the writers’ blog – Grey Matter – this week:

I also hope you dug Alex in the bar at the end when he imitates her scream at Owen. “MOVE OR I’LL RUN YOU DOWN.” There’s this thing that happens when you write dialogue into a script – you can hear in your head just how you think the actor will say it. Sometimes you’re right. Other times you’re completely surprised (and usually pleasantly) by how differently they decide to interpret the words. With this line, though? Justin Chambers did EXACTLY what I’d hoped he would. Except he did it about a billion times funnier.

Promo for the next episode, “Something’s Gotta Give”:

Share a Moment

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