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Promotional videos of Justin discussing the Grey’s Anatomy season 6 finale and season 7 have been added. Plus, Alex/Justin mentions in a Kevin McKidd interview.


Kevin McKidd gave an where he talked about this week’s episode (which he directed) and the upcoming musical episode.

On what happens this week on Grey’s:

“It’s basically three main stories. It takes place on the day of Derek’s first day of his clinical trial for Alzheimer’s, which is obviously very important to him. He takes Alex Karev on as his assistant, much to Meredith’s annoyance. Also, Bailey is becoming a rising Twitter star. She and the Chief lock horns on that because the Chief doesn’t really know much about the world of Twitter. So that’s a lot of fun. And Callie and Arizona continue to have a complicated situation with Mark and the baby and it really plays out in a funny, emotional way. Callie doesn’t really know where she stands or anybody stands on this and she becomes very anxious and drives her OB doctor around the bend during the episode. So it’s a very diverse, fun, and kind of dramatic episode.”

On who has the best voice for the musical episode:

“Oh, me of course! I’m joking. Chandra Wilson has an amazing voice. Chyler Leigh has a beautiful voice, and I hear that Justin Chambers has a great voice. There’s a lot of people with hidden talents on the show.”

The rest of Kevin’s interview can be read here –> Kevin McKidd: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Musical Episode Is a ‘Love Letter to the Fans’

I’m going to be honest here, I really can’t get into the idea of a “musical” episode when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy. 😕 I wish Shonda would stop with the experiments and focus on writing decent story lines for the characters that need one. *cough*ALEX*cough*

Now to the videos, at the start of every season ABC does short interviews with the cast to promote the new season. These two videos have Justin discussing the fan reaction to the season 6 finale, how Alex was affected by the shootings, how he reacts and his rebirth among other things.

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