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Video snippet of Justin talking about singing in the musical episode of Grey’s and TV Guide says what is next for Alex & Lucy


In the TV Guide article: Grey’s Anatomy Relationship Roundup: What’s Next for the Couples of Seattle Grace?

Alex and Lucy (Justin Chambers and Rachael Taylor): Even though Taylor left to shoot the Charlie’s Angels pilot, we hear the pair will share a smooch before she exits. “Justin seems very kissable to me, so I would be very happy to be one of the many women that his character has been with on the show,” Taylor says. Lucy Fields is no random hookup either, says Chambers. “Alex still doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve,” the actor says. “I’m feeling that he’s really smitten with this new girl, and I don’t think he’s been smitten with anyone for a while.”

ABC released some snippets of the cast talking about the upcoming musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy and below is the Justin snippet.

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