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Quotes from Justin about the musical episode and Chyler Leigh tells us her thoughts on hearing Justin sing.


TV Guide has an article about this week’s musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy which contains some spoilers but Justin’s quotes are safe.

Everything You Need to Know About the Grey’s Anatomy Musical Episode

“When they first said it, all I could think of was song-and-dance, jazz hands and kicking your feet and acting silly,” Justin Chambers says. “I mean, at this point in Season 7, we’ve ventured into every territory you could, so why not do this?” After weeks of vocal lessons from Rachael Lawrence — who has worked with members of the Glee cast — and hours in the recording studio, the cast was ready.

In the scene the Grey’s cast is filming, it’s all hands on deck because of Callie’s extensive injuries. “In fact, it makes me laugh because it seems like there’s no other patients in the hospital because everybody is working on Callie,” Chambers says between takes.

In an interview, Chyler Leigh gives her thoughts on Justin singing in “Song Beneath the Song.”
Chyler Leigh Says “Grey’s” Cast Is Sharp With Songs and Scalpels

“And Justin [Chambers] – I was shocked with Justin. I really was and he sang. I’ve heard him sing before, and he’ll sing Johnny Cash stuff and he’s got a really cool rocker vibe to his voice, but when he sang the one part in this song…Oh my gosh, when we heard it at the table read – because they played the music while we were reading the script – everybody started screaming. It was so great, and we’re so stoked about that for him.”

Are you excited about the musical episode? I must admit I’m not really a fan of the genre but I’m trying to keep an open mind.

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