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Update containing “Song Beneath the Song” caps, behind the scenes footage, audio tracks and Justin mentions plus the promo for the next episode .

What did you guys think of the musical episode? Would you like the show to do another musical episode or was once more than enough? Anyway, here are the screencaps from Grey’s first ever musical episode:

7.18 – Song Beneath The Song

I added the two songs that Justin sang in the episode to the Audio archive they can also be heard below.

Runnin’ on Sunshine

How to Save a Life

This is a video of director Tony Phelan on set where we can see the cast rehearsing the OR scenes (Justin’s wearing his trusty hat 😉 ).

Shonda Rhimes, Creator/Executive Producer and writer of “Song Beneath the Song”, mentions Justin in an interview with TVLINE….

TVLINE | Who surprised you?
Justin Chambers really surprised me. He has an amazing voice. Chyler Leigh has an amazing voice. I think the only singing she had done prior to this was to her children. And Ellen Pompeo. Ellen’s voice is really pure and true, and she was so sure that she couldn’t sing and she really can.

… and in her blog entry at Grey Matter

Anyway, most of us have super powers. But not a lot of us have super powers that involve opening our mouths and having God come out. I’m not a big God person but that’s really the only way to describe what happens when Sara sings. God, or whatever you want to call the magic of the universe, comes out.

You know who else has that super power? Chyler Leigh. And she didn’t even know she had it. Also Kevin McKidd. Who knew he had it but is all Scottish and humble and didn’t reveal it. Also Justin Chambers. Who is just so cool that it makes sense that he has it. Also Chandra Wilson. Who has it but gets nervous when she has to sing.

Grey’s Anatomy returns April 28 with episode 7.19 – It’s a Long Way Back and this is the first promo:

6 Responses to “Grey’s Music Event – caps, BTS video, songs; Promo for episode 7.19”
  1. Simona says:

    Oh gosh! Brilliant episode but… Alex with that blondie chick?? Seriously?? When Addison is coming back to Seattle Grace Mercy Death?? Seriously?? Big fail, Shonda. Big fail

  2. Diana says:

    Pretend Alex was singing to and getting sexy with a certain redhead in the trailer. 😆
    In all seriousness now I didn’t really like the episode… 😕 There was way too much singing going on. I was expecting Addison to be in it more and I would’ve liked to have seen more Alex+Addison. They barely interacted. 🙁 But I did like that Alex was the one waiting for her to arrive and the resident working with her.

  3. Willa says:

    I really did enjoyed the singing and I really liked Callie’s outer body experience in the plotline. They gave just about everyone a chance to sing. I know most of the cast truly enjoyed displaying thier vical talents.

  4. Willa says:

    I meant to write vocal talents.

  5. Simona says:

    “Pretend Alex was singing to and getting sexy with a certain redhead in the trailer. :lol:”

    Hey Diana, take a look here http://cinnamonstreet.tumblr.com/post/4283165798/soooooomethin-tells-me-your-name-is-addie
    I couldn’t help but made a gif representing how the story went in my mind!

  6. Diana says:

    The cast that did sing seemed to have enjoyed the experience and most of them were pretty good so I’ll give them that. I just think if the tone of the episode was lighter, more comedic the musical aspect would have worked better. I found it hard to take the drama seriously with them breaking into song all the time but it was interesting to see how they worked in the music with the plot.

    OMG! 😆 That is awesome. Sexy and dorky at the same time! And the almost kiss is in the other gif. You’re killing me! Addie & Alex (Kate & Justin) had/have so much chemistry. I miss them sometimes and remember how great they were back in season 3. 🙁

    “Your ass is mine until I say otherwise” – *sigh* Good times. 😉

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