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Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Seventh Season DVD set comes out September 22 in the US and Canada. One of the special features on the DVD set is the extended musical episode a.k.a. episode 7.18 “Song Beneath the Song”.

The DVD version of the musical episode is only about 4 minutes longer. There’s a new scene of the doctors at the ER entrance awaiting the ambulance transporting Callie, a new Addison/Lucy/Alex scene and a new Bailey/Eli scene. Everything else seems pretty much the same (same songs although I noticed there’s more of Owen singing Gomez’s “How we Operate” while he’s with the attendings) with probably only a new line here or there (I FF’d through the DVD version and only watched the TV version once so I couldn’t really say what new lines there are or where. 😆 )

Anyway, below are the two new scenes Justin is in however, he doesn’t have any lines.

4 Responses to “Grey’s Anatomy S7 DVD: The Music Event – Extended”
  1. Jenn says:

    Thanks for sharing this. What about the cut scenes from other episodes, anything good? (Actually, I’m a C/A fan, so anything with either Callie or Arizona)

  2. Diana says:

    You’re welcome. The DVD set hasn’t come out yet where I live but the episodes have all leaked including the extended episode (The Music Event). I only have the extended episode. The other special features (deleted scenes, making of The Music Event…) I don’t know about.

    This YouTube user has been uploading the deleted scenes and has the bloopers up so maybe she could answer you. 🙂


    Take care,

  3. Rori says:

    Hey!! I bought? the dvd region 4 and there isn’t an extended musical ¬¬ .. Does anyone happened the same?

  4. Diana says:

    I believe the extended musical episode is available on all the regions but I can only really confirm region 2 and region 1. If the episode isn’t available on the region 4 dvds you can always download it. 😉

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