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Bad Boys, Broken City, Boiling Crab, Blue Jeans – what do these things have in common? Justin.
This is another update where I round up a bunch of different things. In August, I plan to start making updates to the gallery and video archive because I’ll have more time.

  • To start things off, TV Line is running a ‘TV’s Best Bad Boys’ tournament. Alex Karev/Justin won the first round against Derek Wills (Jack Davenport) from “Smash”. Now, in the second round, he’s up against Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) of “How I Met Your Mother”. Voting ends tomorrow (I think) so vote for Alex/Justin at TV Line: TV’s Best Bad Boy
  • No material has been released yet from Justin’s movie Broken City but the movie recently received its rating from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The movie has been rated R for pervasive language, some sexual content and violence.

  • Next, a fan recounts meeting Justin. Click on the link to read about it: “I was in the check-out line at Trader Joe’s off Sunset/H-wood recently when I looked at the guy checking out next to me…”
  • Justin was sighted dining at The Boiling Crab restaurant in LA a few days ago. Click on the thumbnails for the pics.
  • To end this update, do you spot anyone familiar in this 1997 commercial for Canyon River Blue Jeans? Hint: ice cream

  • 2 Responses to “Bad Boys, Broken City, Boiling Crab, Blue Jeans”
    1. Josie says:

      Aww, what a cute fan story that is! And she didn’t even recognize him at first. I think I would pass out if I met him at a supermarket. It’s just so random. Well, it wouldn’t happen to me anyway, since I don’t even live in the same country.

      And I voted for Alex Karev at that bad boy tournament but I don’t think he stands a chance against Barney Stinson. I find it weird to compare these two characters anyway.

    2. Diana says:

      It is a cute fan story but I can’t help but feel, I don’t know, awkward for Justin. 😕 I imagine it must feel weird/uncomfortable to be going about your daily stuff and have strangers stare at you because they recognize you. It is even more uncomfortable when you’re at the check out line and the person turns around and loudly asks, “Where do I know you from?” Man, I cringed for Justin on that one. 😆
      But the lady from this story had enough self-awareness to apologize for being loud and nosy which is nice and she says Justin was very sweet so he took it in stride.

      TBH, I don’t take these kind of polls the least bit seriously, especially polls that can be spammed. It’s the reason why I rarely post them but sometimes I’ll do it just for fun.

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