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As some of you already know, the updates made here on the site are automatically tweeted by FA / TF Fansites which is the Twitter account for a network of sites headed by Fay. Nothing has changed when it comes to this site’s updates being tweeted by that account.

However, a new Twitter account has been created just for Justin Chambers Online. The new Twitter account will also tweet the site’s updates, but I (Diana) will also be tweeting other things related to Justin. You can tweet me comments or requests, ask me questions or just say ‘hi’.

Click on the image for our Twitter page and please follow!

JCO Twitter

2 Responses to “Justin Chambers Online on Twitter”
  1. fay says:

    your a star diana 🙂 gonna be working on a few more things in a couple of hours hopefully. Get things cleaned up.

  2. Diana says:

    Stop. I’m really not 😳 You’re the one that started it all. Sorry for all the annoying e-mails. LOL

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