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Thank you to everyone who has been following us on Twitter. I’ve got to say it’s been fun talking to fans there, and it’s becoming a bit addictive. Uh-oh…

In this update, I’m just going to compile all of the Justin-related things that have come out this week that I hadn’t already mentioned.

* In an article about the Emmy awards titled Emmy Awards: Another year, another snub-fest, Justin gets a mention.

“Actors like Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers have been ignored for years even though they play the complex human emotions with such will and conviction that you can’t help but watch them, year after year.”

* The cast of Grey’s Anatomy have been filming on location for the past two days for their 200th episode, and a guest star plus a few lucky fans got a picture with Justin. Click on the thumbnails.

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*Another pic of Justin with a fan in LA, but from the other week.


*Two more deleted scenes featuring Justin and available on the “Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Ninth Season” DVD set have been uploaded online and can be watched below. Other deleted scenes and the featurettes about character character Arizona Robbins and actor James Pickens Jr. can also be watched at Walaa K’s Youtube Channel.

Episode 9.22 “Do You Believe in Magic?”

Episode 9.24 “Perfect Storm”

I think I didn’t forget anything. If I did it’ll be in the next update…

2 Responses to “News Roundup: Press, Fan pics, Grey’s Anatomy Deleted Scenes”
  1. Josie says:

    I don’t really like that first deleted scene where Alex talks so casually about this very serious family problem. Like we all know Alex’s family is a topic that never got properly addressed. And I always took in a way that everything concerning his family is so extremely painful for him that he doesn’t want to talk about it. He only opened up about it a bit to people who were close to him. Izzie, Meredith and now Jo. That fact helped me to accept why we still know so little about his past. It was just too painful for him to talk about it. Period. But this scene? Why is he suddenly so casual about his brother? For me that’s a very un-Alex thing to do. Doesn’t make sense to me. I really, really hope they are finally dealing with Alex’s past in the upcoming season. Damn, I wish that spoiler about that jazz musician was never released. I feel I’m getting my hopes up. Oh, wow, that comment turned into a mini-rant. Sorry about that!

  2. Diana says:

    I was also a little surprised at that scene and the casual way Alex brings up his family. Perhaps the reason it was cut was because Shonda/writers realized it didn’t really fit the way Alex’s character has been portrayed. However, Alex has mentioned his family problems to other people besides Izzie, meredith and Jo.

    In episode 1.05, Alex told Derek and Izzie (she wasn’t Alex’s friend at the time) that his father was a heroine addict and that didn’t make for a good family/home. It was during a surgery on a drug addict and Alex used a drug-related expression that Derek/Izzie didn’t really get.

    There was also episode 7.11 where there was school shooting. Jackson was angry, he walked out of the surgery and was refusing to treat the kid who did the shooting. Alex told him the kid is sick because no one shoots up a school in their right mind. Alex told Jackson that his brother (Aaron) had a psychotic break and almost killed his sister. He said if his brother got hurt after hurting other people, he’d want the doctors to do everything they could to save him because he’s still his little brother. So Derek and Jackson know a bit about Alex’s family too. When Alex brings up the topic of his family and his past, however, he doesn’t do it lightly because it’s not something he likes to think or talk about. There’s a real purpose and a meaning when he talks about that stuff, which isn’t really the case in this deleted scene. Since it was cut, it isn’t canon and that’s probably a good thing.

    Don’t ever apologize for an insightful comment, Josie. It’s always great hearing other people’s thoughts so thanks for taking the time to share yours. 😀

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