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Justin continues on the ABC Studios Press Tour where he is currently in London, England. His next stop will be Brussels, Belgium.

This is another video interview from Télé-Loisirs.fr where Justin talks about what to expect in season 10 (season 9 just finished airing in France) and a bit about what he thinks will happen with the relationship between Alex and Jo. The video from the source auto-plays, so once again I uploaded it to Youtube.

Justin did the Live Facebook Q&A Session today in London. For those who missed it, you can watch it at Facebook where it’s being replayed. This is link to it: ABC Studios UK

I also uploaded the Q&A session to Youtube for those who prefer to watch it that way. Check it out below.

P.S. – If you’ve watched the Q&A, here is a photo from when Justin met Axl Rose. LINK

Bonus pic: Yesterday, actress Bellamy Young from ‘Scandal’ posted this photo of the people she flew out of Monte Carlo by helicopter with.

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