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Here’s an interview with Fox Life Greece that Justin gave while at the 54th Monte Carlo Television Festival this past June.

Ahead of the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy tomorrow night, Camilla Luddington gave an interview to Fox 11 LA where she discusses the story line her character is involved in at the beginning of season which naturally includes Alex. She also briefly mentions Justin. The interview can be watched at myfoxla.com

She also gave an interview to TV Line which can be read in its entirety at the following link: http://tvline.com/2014/09/24/greys-anatomy-season-11-camilla-luddington-jo-alex-meredith/. Below is the part that mentions Alex.

TVLINE | And what fresh drama awaits Jo?
Well, Meredith is leaning on Alex as her new “person,” because Cristina’s gone and he is the last remaining original intern. And — because I was trying to think back about this – I think Jo’s never actually witnessed that relationship before and the depth of it and how, with all of that gang, there were kind of no boundaries. It was like a family. So she sees that and is kind of taken aback, Grey’s Anatomy Meredith Alexand is jealous, and doesn’t really know what to do. She wants to play it cool, but Meredith kind of wedges herself right into that relationship. It makes for some drama, but it makes for funny moments, too.

TVLINE | Is Jo jealous of the amount of time Alex is spending with Meredith, the quality of the time, the intensity…?
All of the above, all of it. I mean, if I was in that situation, I would have a fight about it because it’s way too much. But of course, for [Alex and Mer] it’s normal. He’s the person that Meredith wants to talk to constantly and Jo’s thinking, “Where has my boyfriend gone?”

TVLINE | What’s Jo’s take on what Cristina left for Alex? Is she like, “You hit the jackpot”? That it’s a sign for him to come back to the hospital?
Jo has that competitive nature in her, so it’s all about Team Alex, which you kind of get in the first episode. She thinks [joining the board] is the right thing to do, because Alex did have reservations about the job with “Dr. Butthole,” but he needed the money because he’s not very good at keeping up with his bills, as Jo discovered, horrified. To get on the board and be back at Grey Sloan would be the best of both worlds. Whether he gets on the board… you guys will have to find out.

TVLINE | On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you put their relationship right now?

It’s kind of not been addressed yet, so I would say maybe a 5 or a 6.

TVLINE | Wow, really?
Because these two aren’t very good at communication. We know this. I mean, they really have to get it together. Jo really doesn’t want to have “that conversation” with him and there are episodes where she says, “Hey, I need some time with you.” She wants to play it cool, but that never helps.

TVLINE | OK, enough about Alex. Is Jo feeling any solidarity with Stephanie, the other “surviving” member of Season 9’s intern class?
Actually, in the couple of scenes they have together, they’re very competitive, believing they now have a chance to stand out. They’ve seen someone fired, so it’s like, “OK, I really have to step it up or else I’m going to go too.” [Leah getting fired] kind of lit a fire under them. Except Jo also does kind of lean on Stephanie as a sounding board for her relationship with Alex.

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