ABC.com has a digital series up called GH Now! hosted by General Hospital actress Nancy Lee Grahn. In the recent episode called “Nip & Tuck and a Race to the Finish Line”, Justin’s makes a brief cameo while on set at Prospect Studios.

You can watch the full episode here: GH Now! Episode: Nip & Tuck and a Race to the Finish Line

I made a clip of only Justin’s appearance and it can be watched below.

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Updates have been rather scarce lately because we’ve been working on setting up a new video archive, and it hasn’t been easy. lol Anyway, here is another interview from the Monte Carlo Television Festival that Justin attended in June.

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UK’s TV channel Sky Living posted an interview with Justin where he discusses working with Sandra Oh, the success of Grey’s Anatomy and if he has any similarities with his character, Alex Karev.

On Saturday, Katherine Heigl held a Q&A session on her Facebook page and she answered a few fan questions that mentioned Justin. You can check it out all of Katherine’s answers at this link. Below are only the ones (that I saw) related to Justin that I screencapped and posted on the site’s Twitter.

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I edited and uploaded a video of the PRISM Awards showcase that aired on FX during the weekend.
The video is 6 minutes long. The first 3 minutes of the video has Justin talking a bit about the Alex and Jimmy storyline and also Justin’s award acceptance speech. I also included a short bit where Justin was included in the commentary about the movie “August: Osage County” from which Julia Roberts won the Prism award for “Performance in a Feature Film”. The last 3 minutes is about Chandra Wilson’s award. I included that because some people might like to watch Chandra’s acceptance speech and it’s about a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ storyline.

Congratulations, once again, to Justin for his well-deserved award for “Male Performance in a Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline”. :)

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I added to the gallery a few screencaps (not the greatest quality…) from a scene that didn’t make it into the aired version of episode 10.17 “Do You Know?”. Click on the thumbnails for the album.


And, here’s the deleted scene…

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To promote the Tuesday lineup of TV shows (which includes: Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and Mistresses), Belgian TV channel VIJF has a commercial starring Justin Chambers. This commercial is a must-see. lol

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The European ABC Press Tour this summer is the gift that keeps on giving. I still have to update with the written interviews and add more pics, but here are two more video interviews.

First interview is called “3 Question for Justin Chambers” and the questions are (roughly translated):
1. What’s your assessment of Alex after 10 seasons?
2. What nickname for Alex?
3. You have just re-signed for two years. How long are you willing to stay?

In this interview Justin talks a bit about where he’d like Alex’s story to go, the possible passing of the torch from Meredith Grey to another Grey half-sister, the longevity of the show, juggling family and work, and watching documentaries during the hiatus.

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