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More pics from the John Varvatos 8th Annual Stuart House Benefit have been added, Justin talks about the musical episode and Alex/Lucy, and new pic from the 2008 Randall Slavin shoot.
***video from the Stuart House Benefit has been added***


  • I’ve been delaying this update and now it is going to be all over the place. 😕 So, since the last time I wrote up an update I added 34 more pics from last Sunday’s benefit which raised over half a million dollars for the Stuart House. 🙂
  • Link —>John Varvatos 8th Annual Stuart House Benefit – March 13

  • I put together a short video from the Stuart House benefit where Justin is interviewed on the red carpet and he talks about the event and the upcoming musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

  • The best thing about the next video is Justin’s ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ cameo -> Grey’s Anatomy: The Music Event – Jesse Williams

  • TV Guide‘s Mega Buzz had a spoiler about Alex and Lucy with a quote from Justin. I put it under a spoiler tag just in case.
  • Spoiler: Any chance Lucy and Alex will hook up on Grey’s Anatomy?

    NATALIE: Even though Rachael Taylor left to shoot the Charlie’s Angels pilot, you should still expect some smooching for the next few weeks. Lucy Fields is no random hookup either, says Justin Chambers. “Alex still doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve,” the actor says. “I’m feeling that he’s really smitten with this new girl, and I don’t think he’s been smitten with anyone for a while.
  • Finally, I replaced 2 of the pics from the Randall Slavin shoot for ‘Hollywood Life’ with higher quality versions and added a new outtake from that shoot.

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