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Chyler Leigh mentions Justin in an interview and a sneak peek from this Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.


In an interview with TV SQUAD, Chyler mentions Justin and the rest of the Grey’s men:

TV Squad: And you all have plenty of hot, sexy men in that cast to choose from…

Chyler: No, there really isn’t. Everybody is sexy and everybody’s got these beautiful qualities about them. Justin [Chambers], who I am in love with — he is such a wonderful person, he is so handsome, all the girls have a big crush on Justin. And then, of course, Patrick [Dempsey] — he is so ridiculous [laughs], but he’s got that quality. Then of course Eric [Dane]. And Kevin [McKidd], who is just the resident rockstar here. And Jim [Pickens Jr.]. I mean, come on. Jim is a cowboy. He is a handsome, Stetson kind of man. [Laughs] There is no shortage of handsome, dashing men on this set for sure.

And a sneak peek featuring Justin from episode “This is How We Do It” airing this Thursday:

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  1. Georgia says:

    Justin i love you and i love ALEX AND IZZIE!! I am your biggest fan and grey’s anatomy’s fan!!!!! 👿

  2. Georgia says:

    I hate Chyler 😈

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