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Here it is. The poster art for season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy.
Media and fans were speculating about the meaning behind the design, but Shonda Rhimes said there is none. It’s just a poster. LOL


Fans started making their versions of the poster for other characters. Just for fun, here’s the poster I (Diana) made for my favorite, Alex Karev, and also our friend Burkey’s cool poster for him. 😊



I was going to put up some boring, generic thing but I came across this fab gif set made by someone who obviously put much time and effort into it and I thought it deserves to be shared with the many Justin fans out there.
Thank you Laura and great job! Full credit for this obviously goes to Laura (a.k.a. jcappy) and you can check out her Tumblr here –> http://jcappy.tumblr.com/

As for us here at JChambersOnline.Com, we’d like to wish you a very happy birthday, Justin! We hope you have a great time celebrating 42 years of life (42? Seriously? Not 32? ;)) with your loved ones.



A while ago, i was asking for you favourite images to make some icons. So far I have made six icons, which are all above. I hope to make some more in the next month, and will then re-launch some new/old media areas of the site.

If you have some favourite images, and would like me to make icons out of them, leave a comment.