Just bought the Greys Anatomy Magazine and i though i would type out a few articles that may interest us Justin.On set, Katherine Heigl and Justin Chambers both share a trailer together, (while TR knight and Sandra Oh share one aswell). The pair recently joked about sharing with each other, chambers saying, “I hear her loud mouth all the time-girl’s got a loud mouth!”. Meanwhile, Heigl jokes that Chambers is constantly watching Judge Judy and Montel Williams.The Scan of this article can be found in the gallery, here!and the rest of the scans featuring justin can be found here including, images from:Elizabeth Reaser ArticleAlex Karev Case File

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The first two epidsodes of season 1 (a hard days night & first cut is the deepest) have been uploaded to the gallery, i should get another couple of episodes up in the next few days.The Gallery has also had a bit of template changes, google ad has been added andheader should be up soon

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Ok im back from my fab holiday, check my personal for all the gossip. It looks like Diana has been really busy, while i havn’t been! Most of the pictures are over here now, i just have to add all the screencaps i have, this should be done in the next week. Getting a new gallery header, the old one was boring and not very good i have to admit and im going to alter the template a bit. I just have to change the ads now, and then we should be all up.!

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[b]UPDATE – I noticed that I accidentally didn’t upload one of the pages from the Grey’s Anatomy magazine interview. It’s now there. Sorry![/b]Justin has been explaining what prompted him to seek medical help at the UCLA Medical Center a couple of months ago. Here is basically the gist of what he said:[b]CHAMBERS: ‘I SUFFER FROM BIOLOGICAL SLEEP DISORDER'[/b]GREY’S ANATOMY star JUSTIN CHAMBERS has spoken out for the first time about his battle with exhaustion, describing his condition as “a biological sleep disorder”.The 37-year-old actor checked himself into Los Angeles’ UCLA Medical Center in January (08) for treatment after a period of getting only one hour of sleep each week.Chambers tells American magazine People, [i]”I suffer from a biological sleep disorder. Your body is tired but your mind keeps racing. You lie down and then you get up and pace, and then you lie down but you can’t fall asleep. “It’s like a dog chasing its tail. You get to your wits’ end. I went a good two months without really sleeping.”So a specialist I had been working with referred me to UCLA. They gave me (medication) in a private room with a connection to the outside, and I slept. Two days there was perfect.”[/i]But the low-key father-of-five found himself splashed all over the tabloids when pop superstar Britney Spears was admitted to the same hospital days later in a media frenzy.He adds, [i]”It would have been private had Britney Spears’ spotlight not spread on me. It’s enough to handle with my family. I don’t need people speculating about issues I’m dealing with.”[/i] Following his hospital stay, Chambers is now getting a lot more sleep: [i]”I get six or seven hours of sleep a night. I’m not someone who requires a lot of sleep.”[/i] SOURCE——————————————————————————–I’ve been adding a bunch of stuff in the gallery – mostly the Photoshoot and the Magazine scans sections. Check out Justin’s interview in a recent Grey’s Anatomy MagazineAlso added some recent candids of Justin leaving a building complex in LA:Los Angeles – March

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This will be a quick update since I’ve been busy adding the pictures to the new gallery the site had to get because of the host change.[b]Justin Chambers: Not afraid to call kids on their character:[/b]Grey’s Anatomy’s Justin Chambers and his wife Keisha have quite the brood! With five kids — 12-year-old Isabella, twin 10-year-olds, Maya and Kaila, 8-year-old Eva and 6-year-old Jackson — the 37-year-old actor feels able to dole out some of his own parenting advice.[i]”Being a parent is great. It’s hard work, but fun. Love and enjoy your children, but at the same time, be sure to call them out on their crap. I’m not afraid to call them on their character.”[/i] Source[b]FIVE’S PLENTY[/b]- JUSTIN Chambers – the “Grey’s Anatomy” star hospitalized earlier this year for sleep deprivation – made sure after his fifth child that he and his wife of 15 years, Keesha, were done procreating. The former Calvin Klein model mentioned to OK! that he’d had a vasectomy. When the mag asked about reports of men who have had kids after the procedure, Chambers said, “Well, they say it takes a couple years [to reverse a vasectomy] and then there’s no way. And it’s been years since I did it.” He did add that the couple would consider adopting. SourceLastly, an interview Justin gave for season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy where he discusses his life, the show and his character Alex.Justin Chambers Interview (season 4)

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ok, we are up online at fan-sites, the ads will change next we as i am going on holiday for a week, (tomorrow morning i go), everything will be a bit boring at the moment, i dont have time to add the avaters back up for the cutenews, neither do i have time to change the template, add a gallery header up or make and categories. I will be back in a week and then more site stuff will happen until then only gallery and news will be updated by the fabulous, Diana.

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